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I have loved oil paint since the first time I tried it when I was 13 years old. The richness, the texture and the buttery creaminess in how it mixes really excited me from the start. When I was side-tracked to other endeavors in my life, it wasn't long before I returned to oil painting. And I have always thought of myself as a painter.

I love the outdoors and plein-air painting instantly drew me in. I embraced the intimacy between artist and nature, the speed that it takes, and really the challenge of it all. Over the years I have learned that painting from life is the way to learn to see, which I feel is the essence of painting. I paint intuitively and stay away from formulas.


Every painting is a new experience and I love the excitement of exploring and experimenting with my chosen medium. I feel that it is akin to jazz improvisation. Painting from life is my passion and I hope that it is reflected in my work.

If you are interested in purchasing paintings, ordering a commission piece, or would like information about my workshops, please contact me....

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